Video Strategies for Employee Communications
December 5 - 7, 2017 | San Francisco
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Mike Lepis

Co-Founder, Creative Director
As a Creative Director, Mike is responsible for developing insights and mapping them to the creative solutions that drive employee engagement for Vignette’s clients. Early in his career Mike worked for both consumer marketing and internal communication divisions at Nike. In event marketing, Mike saw how a strong brand can bring people together. In consumer marketing, Mike learned how modern practices and measurement shape effective messaging.

In Latin American marketing, Mike was immersed in video and digital communications channels. And with internal communication, Mike saw how—when employees are challenged, encouraged, and supported—they will get behind a brand and its mission. But he also saw a gulf between the tools, resources, and creative production devoted toward understanding consumers, and those applied to motivate and activate employees. And as a creative, one of the biggest challenges Mike saw for internal communications was the inability to correctly interpret data to uncover authentic insights.

In 2004, modernizing internal communications with insights-driven creative became Mike’s mission. In 2006, Vignette became his vehicle. Mike lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Shona, two young children, and his wife’s cat. He is a Portland Timbers supporter and only plays in a real fantasy fútbol league.